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About Freeway

How does it work?

Where does it work best?

Technical specification

Freeway is an ideal, cost-effective access solution where:

  • Available space is at a premium
  • The user has reduced mobility

For example:

Access into & out of a confined space

Freeway helps to optimise floor area within a confined space or small room as the swing-area that the door takes up is reduced - typically by two thirds that of a conventional swing door. Also the "footprint" or swing path of Freeway follows a different path to that of a conventional swing door. This can aid the design and utilisation of the room - maximising available floor area and increasing efficient use of space for example:

  • providing more space to turn or position a wheel chair
  • more space often means greater choice of facilities
  • access to facilities such as the WC is improved

Narrow corridors

Freeway helps to provide easier access where entry into a room is restricted by a narrow corridor. This is achieved by maximising the clear passage width of the door opening. Freeway requires less maneouvering to operate and therefore provides better access where the entrance is restricted.

Landings & Outward opening doors

Freeway is the solution where access is required to landings or where an existing door opens onto circulation space or a narrow corridor.

Where the user has difficulty opening or closing a conventional swing door

Freeway aids independent access through it's smooth & easy mechanism - a gentle push is all that is required to open or close the door. This can be done without re-positioning and is of benefit to those users with reduced mobility.

Disabled WCs

Freeway is utilised in commercial and retail environments where employee and public WC access is required.

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