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About Freeway

How does it work?

Where does it work best?

Technical specification

Freeway is a space saving, two-leaf, pivotting door set uniquely designed for when the important design considerations are access, functionality and optimisation of available space.

The reduced swing action typically takes up one third of the space of a conventional door, optimising available space whilst maintaining the clear passage width.

The smooth mechanism ensures it is easy to open and close for those with limited mobility or for wheelchair users - helping to facilitate independent access.

The reduced swing and ease of use enables applications in a number of situations - for example:

  • Into & out of a confined space or small room
  • Entry via narrow corridors
  • On landings or where existing doors open outwards
  • Where the user has difficulty opening or closing a conventional swing door
  • Disabled WCs

Freeway is hand-made in England to your specification, made with the highest quality materials and is often of superior to an "off the shelf" bi-fold door.

Freeway is supplied pre-hung in it's frame for simple and easy installation, is built to last for prolonged use and is designed to be maintenance free.

We have been supplying the Freeway to Architects, OTs and Surveyors for over 10 years and have been extensively installed in:

  • Home conversions, adaptations and new builds
  • Care homes and Hospitals
  • Commercial and retail premises
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